Leavine Family Racing Crew

The Leavine Family Racing team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have a passion for racing. Working in the shop during the week and heading to the race track on weekends, this hardworking crew is determined to produce the best results possible each week.

Members of the Leavine Family Racing Crew:

Jeff Shoup, JR Houston, Tim Lambert, Matt Kimball, Ryan Dextraze, Tony Ramirez, Bill Mares, Damon Lopez, Doug Campbell, Craig Lund, Mike Bartlet, Brandon Lee, Ken Kennedy, Casey McCreary, Carman Jaquez, James Melick, Jeff Sennett, Jeff Shinn, Andy Morgan, Casey McCreary, Nick Maniscalco, Gary King, Bob Moore, Nick Sowa, Brannon Bishop, David Rudisill, and Ben Weber